Freedom River

Hope & Healing

Our Native communities have a desperate need for hope and healing. Freedom River Counselling Group (FRCG) was launched under NEFC’s oversight in 2001 as an avenue of outreach addressing the temporal and eternal well-being of aboriginal peoples.

FRCG presents hope and healing from a biblical perspective, dealing with root issues that cause pain and dysfunction.

Photo of attendees
Attendees at a Freedom River workshop geared for teens.
Photo of Kene Jackson
Kene Jackson teaching a Freedom River session. Dr. Grant Boygo and Pastor Vernon Grant are also part of our FRCG presenters.

For the most part, this outreach is carried on through two- to four-day seminars. There are also workshops, training modules and consultancy to help equip Native churches and organizations. One-on-one counselling sessions are made available during the seminars.

Freedom River seminar topics include:

  • Facing Loss and Grief… including issues of addiction, and how it impacts the healing process
  • Choosing Life… the issue of suicide
  • Rebuilding Life… resiliency, self-concept, relationship development, money matters, goal setting
  • Development, Money Matters, and Goal Setting… understandable and practical solutions
  • Reconnections… issues facing foster & adopted children and adults, “fatherlessness”
  • Trauma and Aboriginal Grief… intergenerational trauma and loss
  • Lateral Violence… wrestling with outcomes of colonialism, residential schools, and the welfare system
  • Bullying… questions and answers about bullying in the school context and elsewhere
  • Healing The Family… domestic & family violence
  • Forgiveness in the Face of Grief… getting past the bitterness of being wronged
  • Opioids… addressing this fast growing crisis in First Nations communities.
  • Youth In Balance… issues that our youth face: attitudes, cognitive skills, decision making, self-esteem, addictions, boundaries, dating, education

…and more.

These issues are all extremely important, but not always addressed in our communities. Freedom River takes them on in a straightforward storytelling format.

For more info, contact:
Freedom River Counselling Group
Box 295, Acme, AB T0M 0A0
Email: / Phone: 403-669-4449