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July 11 – 14, 2024
Holiday Inn & Suites Regina
1800 Prince of Wales Dr.
Regina, SK
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Conference Gatherings… So Why Do We Meet?

Since our beginnings, our conference gatherings have always been an important part of NEFC for our pastors, elders, fellowship members… and there’s always an open invitation to everyone!

Photo of gathering

Music, testimonies, Bible teaching, preaching, and fellowship are always a blessing to those who attend… and to others back home as they later hear about conference highlights.

Our first conference gatherings back in NEFC’s early days took place at Island Lake, Manitoba. With the high cost of flying delegates into this isolated location, 1969 was the last year a conference was held there. Winnipeg became the location for our summer conferences for a number of years, then in the 1980s, these “general” conferences moved to Caronport, Saskatchewan. An annual Pastors & Workers Conference was added and held each fall.

The last several years we have held at least four annual NEFC gatherings: one in BC each spring for our western fellowships … another at The Pas, Manitoba, in July for our more centrally located people… followed by a music-themed gathering in Thunder Bay, Ontario, later each summer/early fall… and our Reaffirming Truth Bible teaching conference is held each fall in the Edmonton area.